Dear Friends and Family,

And I thank Christ Jesus our Lord, who hath enabled me, for that he counted me faithful, putting me into the ministry;
1 Timothy 1

These past two months have been very busy in many ways at Efata Ministries.  We rejoice in what the Lord is doing in and through our service here in Peru.  I am thankful to God that He has counted me faithful in putting me in the ministry.

Ministry News

The new mission work in Tablada is doing great. We are averaging over 50 every Sunday.  We started the work in March and now are looking for another place to meet. The building we are renting is not large enough to house our growth. Please pray for God´s provision in this area.

On May 19th we celebrated the church’s 36th anniversary.  That was a wonderful time, with 400 in attendence! Souls were saved, and we rejoice in what the Lord is going to do during this new year of service to Him.  It has been wonderful to watch as Deaf and hearing belivers worship together.

Church Anniversary

The Bible College is going well.  We have six students and one more will join next semester. Two are Deaf.  It has been difficult for them as we do not lower our academic standards just because they are Deaf. Deaf or hearing, If they are unable to complete college level work then we have a wonderful Bible institute program for them.We are enjoying our annual mission conference June 12th – 16th.

Pastor Luis Ramos from Bible Baptist Church in San Luis, Potosi, Mexico will be our special speaker. What a humble and honorable man of God he is! We count it a privilege to have him speak this year on a theme that is very near to his heart and ours.

We are praying about our next church mission plant in an area called José Galvez. Please pray that we will be sensitive to God´s leading and timing in this matter.  We are currently praying and planning so we would be honored if you would pray with us.

The Christian school is in full swing, and we have several new young students to invest into. On June 6th, the school celebrated its 43rd anniversary. I thank God for the dedicated staff and teachers that God has given us over the years.  Many deaf children and their parents have been saved through this ministry.  The Deaf community in Peru as a whole has greatly benefited from our faithful years of service and teaching.  The government now has a pilot school based largely on our education model.

Family News

Family PhotoWe enjoyed having James home for a few weeks from College. He just jumps in and helps anywhere he is needed.  It is nice to have the whole family together. We were able to update our family picture.

In May, Lisa and I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary.  What a blessing to have arrived at this wonderful milestone of married life. We really did not do much as we are saving for a trip to Israel next year with Falls Baptist Church and Pastor Wayne Van Gelderen, Jr.  I have been to Israel twice in years past and now, Lord willing, I will be able to take my wife for the first time.

Julianne is courting a wonderful man named Frank Miller from Labelle, FL. I was the assistant pastor at his church under the leadership of his father Bob Miller for several years before going to the mission field.  Frank is a fine young man dedicated to the Lord and serving faithfully in his church. Our families continue to pray for them in this biblical journey of assuring God’s will as they seek to glorify God in this process of courting for marriage.

Joseph continues to be a blessing as he works hard in the school as a teacher and is equally dedicated to the new church plant in Tablada. He has many ministry irons in the fire. We are praying about when the timing would be right for him to go on deputation to raise support to become an full-time official missionary, not just a student missionary.

The rest of the family is doing well and growing and maturing.  Jared has some important decisions to make regarding his future, so please pray for him to be open to what the Lord wants for him.

Thank you once again for your faithful support and care for our family and for Efata Ministries. Please pray for God’s provision financially as well. It is hard, as we all know. However, we also know God is fully in control and has the resources we need in according to His will.

God Bless,

040413_0348_EneroMarzo24.gifBro. Joe & Lisa,
Joseph, Julianne, James, Jared, Judson,
Joy, John, Joel, Jessica, Jennifer