Dear Friends and Family,

Now I would not have you ignorant, brethren, that oftentimes I purposed to come unto you, (but was let hitherto,) that I might have some fruit among you also, even as among other Gentiles.

Romans 1:13

It has been a joy as we visit both new and supporting churches.  As Paul states above, he had a great desire to visit the church at Rome so that he could share in their ministry and have fruit among them.  That is how we feel; we wish to be with you all and share with you and have fruit among you as well.

Ministry News

Stateside furlough:

We have had wonderful meetings and fellowship with our supporters and new friends. A passion for missions is alive and well in many places in America. We are thankful to see this.

If we were not able to schedule you this year, feel free to contact me if you would still like to connect with us.  If it is possible, we will try to make a meeting happen.  My number is (813) 406-2838 and my e-mail address is  If nothing else, I would love to talk with you.  We love and thank God for each of you.

Field-side news:

Please pray for Peru.  They are going through a political crisis.  The president has resigned, and the country is still reeling from the construction bribery scandal that has plagued it. Pray the new president’s transition will go smoothly and the country can move forward.

In May I will be returning to Peru for the church’s anniversary and for a “La Espada” conference.  We are really looking forward to these two wonderful events and meetings to encourage and train our people in the Lord’s work.  Lord willing, we will also be ordaining Frank Chavez, the Deaf young man who recently graduated from our Bible college and married Margot, a precious young lady who grew up in Efata.  He is doing a great job and we are looking forward to this momentous occasion in his life.  I will keep you posted.

We are advancing with the new mission work in Chancay, two hours north of us.  We are excited about this work. One of our national pastors is now living there and visiting and working with the residents who live in the area.    Please pray as we establish this new church and ministry.

Deaf camp in January was wonderful. Bro. Alan Snare, Deaf evangelist, preached, and many lives were touched.  Two were saved, and many deaf gave testimony to how God worked in their lives. Two weeks later was hearing camp.  They had approximately 150 participating and many decisions were made for the Lord.  Only in eternity will you see all the fruit that came as a result.  Thank you, Pastor Ronald Tubillas for coming to preach this year!

School has started and is going well.  We have several new students; the teachers are very busy!  Please pray for our students as God works in hearts and opens their minds to know HIM and grow in grace and knowledge. He has blessed us with a wonderful staff. Pray as we start an adult tutoring class for those who are illiterate.

Family News

Please pray for Joseph.  He is doing a great job at Efata as we are away.  However, he desperately needs to raise his support, but cannot until we return. As you know, he only raised a small amount on deputation before coming to Peru, then married, and has two beautiful babies, born C-section. This has left them hurting financially.  He is working on all the visa paperwork for His wife Zulema to come to the States and the process is expensive and slow.  If any of our dear friends and supporters could help him with a love offering, it would be a great blessing.  Just send it to Macedonia with a note “Joseph Visa”. He would like to be able to come to his brother James’ wedding in May and stay for a month or so to reach out and raise more support.  but he simply does not have the funds.  Joseph is a hard-working missionary with his own new mission work in El Agustino, teaching in the Deaf School, and pastoring the Deaf at Efata.  He is an incredible young missionary, has a heart for the Lord, and is making a difference. Please, consider this great need.

James is doing great and preparing for marriage and the mission field.  He was accepted by Macedonia as a missionary to Peru.  We will keep you up to date as things draw near.

Please pray for Bro. Bob Miller, he is the former pastor of the church where I served before going to the mission field and is my daughter Julianne’s father-in-law.  He is struggling with bone cancer and a damaged spine from two car crashes where his car was rear-ended. Please, pray for God to intervene and help him get relief.

Judson will be moving to Camp Lejeune in April.  We are looking forward to getting him connected with a good ministry nearby.  Jared is doing well in the Air Force in Panama City.

The five children still at home are enjoying traveling and experiencing life on the road in the States on furlough.  God has been SO good to them and us.

Joe & Lisa Kotvas
Joy, John, Joel, Jessica, Jennifer